General Description:

Akkadian is an extinct Semitic language (part of the greater Afroasiatic language family) that was spoken in ancient Mesopotamia. The earliest attested Semitic language, it used the cuneiform writing system derived from ancient Sumerian, an unrelated language isolate. The name of the language is derived from the city of Akkad, a major center of Semitic Mesopotamian civilization, during the Akkadian Empire (2334 – 2154 BC), although the language predates the founding of Akkad.


Online Resources:

Omniglot – Akkadian

Omniglot is an encyclopedia of writing systems and languages.

The Akkadian Language

Home page on Akkadian, an introduction collected by John Heise. Akkadian is a great cultural language of world history. These pages are about the cuneiform writing system on clay tablets, the language, the grammar. Some texts examples with transliteration and explanation are presented.

Ancient Scripts.com – Akkadian

A writing system as a set of visible or tactile signs used to represent units of language in a systematic way. This simple explanation encompasses a large spectrum of writing systems with vastly different stylistic and structural characteristics spanning across the many regions of the globe.

History World – The Akkadians of Mesopotamia

A history of ancient Akkad (Akkadians) from its rise to fall including  its kings, cities, laws and contributions to civilization.

Akkadian Dictionary

Sources of Early Akkadian Literature

Sources of Early Akkadian Literature is a joint project of the Institute of Archaeology of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Altorientalisches Institut of the University of Leipzig.

Akkadian Syllabary

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