Productive Procrastination: Some Documentaries on History, Anthropology and Archaeology

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Hello lovely followers, I am very busy at the moment and unfortunately haven’t been giving you the attention you deserve. I am moving to America, starting a new job, finishing a PhD and moving into a new house. So in case you don’t hear from me in a while here are some wonderful documentaries for you to watch, some of my favourites. 🙂

Incredible Human Journey

Dr Alice Roberts travels the globe to discover the incredible story of how humans left Africa to colonise the world — overcoming hostile terrain, extreme weather and other species of human. She pieces together precious fragments of bone, stone and new DNA evidence and discovers how this journey changed these African ancestors into the people of today.

Episode 1 – Out of Africa

Episode 2 – Asia

Episode 3 – Europe

Episode 4 – Australia

Episode 5 – The Americas

Around the World in 80 Faiths

Very interesting and educational series. Around the World in 80 Faiths is a British television series which was first broadcast by the BBC on 2 January 2009. The series is presented by the Anglican vicar, Pete Owen-Jones, who is researching the various faiths from around the world.

Episode 1 – Australasia and The Pacific Ring of Fire

Episode 2 – The Far East


200 px
200 px (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Episode 3 – Africa

Episode 4 – The Middle East

Episode 5 – USA

Episode 6 – India

Episode 7 – Latin America

Episode 8 – Europe

The Bible’s Buried Secrets [BBC]

Stavrakopoulou visits key archaeological excavations where ground-breaking finds are being unearthed, and examines evidence for and against the Biblical account of King David. She explores the former land of the Philistines, home of the giant Goliath, and ruins in the north of Israel and in old Jerusalem itself purporting to be remains of David’s empire.

Episode 1: Did King David’s Empire Exist?

Episode 2: Did God Have a Wife?

Episode 3: The Real Garden of Eden

B B C “Η πόλη κάτω από τα κύματα: Παυλοπέτρι” – Pavlopetri – The City Beneath the Waves

The underwater city of Pavlopetri, a city that thrived for 2,000 years during the time that saw the birth of Western civilisation, lies less than five metres below the surface and is littered with thousands of fragments, the remains of stone buildings and a complex of city streets.

The Minoans: Ancient Civilization of Crete – Bettany Hughes (2004)

Bettany Hughes visits Crete to recount the story one of the greatest archaeological discoveries ever made.

The Minotaur’s Island – Bettany Hughes (2003)

Best known for the myth of the Minotaur — a monstrous half-man, half-bull imprisoned in Daedalus’s labyrinth — Crete gave birth to Europe’s first civilization nearly 5,000 years ago, more than two millennia before Homer composed The Iliad. Then it collapsed in fire and violence.

Delphi • The Bellybutton of the Ancient World • © BBC (full documentary)

Very professional and interesting BBC production on the rise and fall of Delphi as the centre of the Greek world.

Titanic: The Survivors’ Story (1997)

In Search of Myths and Heroes – Michael Wood

In this series, Michael Wood goes in search of four of the world’s most famous myths. These gripping adventures take the viewer to some of the most extraordinary places on earth, exploring stories that have captivated the world for thousands of years.

The Queen Of Sheba
Jason And The Golden Fleece
King Arthur

National Geographic Video – Mass Decapitations

Mass Decapitations in Southern England

What violent event caused this many beheadings?

The Christ Files – Dr John Dickson

WHO WAS JESUS – REALLY? Has the real Jesus been so buried by tradition and legend that he is now lost to people living in the 21st century?

Historian Dr John Dickson sets out to discover what we can know for certain about the life of one of history’s best known and most influential figures. In a captivating journey across the globe, Dr Dickson examines ancient documents and consults the world’s most respected historians and scholars. Beginning with the Gnostic Gospels, he criss-crosses continents on a search back through time for the historical sources that reveal the real Jesus— a search for The Christ Files.


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