Amphora Issue Articles Available Online

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Amphora was good enough to publish some of my work recently and they also include many other interesting articles past and present. Check them out.


Selected articles from each publication of The Amphora Issue are now available online. We are proud to share these two postgraduate articles, which have both been awarded prizes:

Miriam Riverlea (Monash) ‘Icarus is seventeen, like me’: Reworking Myth in Yound Adult Fiction

David Rafferty (UM) Princeps Senatus

Miriam Riverlea’s article “‘Icarus is seventeen, like me’: Reworking Myth in Young Adult Fiction” was published in our inaugural issue ‘Classical Re-conceptions’. This article is based upon the paper that she presented at the Straddling the Divide // Reception Studies Today conference. Riverlea won the prize for best postgraduate paper which The Amphora Issue offered to publish. Riverlea explores the reception of the myth of Icarus within modern Australian and American young adult fiction. Through an examination of the language used by the writers Nadia Wheatley and Paul Zindel, Riverlea reveals that each unique re-telling of the myth is conscious of its predecessors…

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