Archaeology Travel Blog 2013

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Last year I spent a number of blog posts telling you about the archaeological adventures I was on in Turkey and this received some great comments and record views so I thought I’d continue the exercise this year!

This June and July I will be back in Turkey spending time digging at Antiochia ad Cragum and exploring Istanbul, Izmir, Pergamum, Perge and many other sites. So keep a look out for upcoming posts.

This year I will be joined by my anthropologist partner so I’m sure there will even more archaeology and anthropology related information for us to share with you. For instance, if you are ever in the Basilica cistern in Istanbul and are knowledgeable enough to ask yourself where is the third Medusa head, there were three Medusas? We found it! It is sitting basically forgotten in the garden of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums with out note or description.

If you have anywhere you know brilliant to visit in Izmir, we have never been there before so past the knowledge along!


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