The Valley of the Dawn – Made-up religion of 32,000 years?

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A bit more on the anthropological side, but its history goes back 32 000 years…

Also known as Vale do Amanhecer, the Valley of Dawn is a Brazilian religion that was founded in 1957 by Tia Neiva – a 31 year old female truck driver who had a ‘vision’ about an empire built on the backs of titans. It is a religion based on reincarnation and liberation. Valley of the Dawn encompasses all religions with the exception of Islam. It is Millenarian and messianic and any one can join.

It boasts 30-40000 members and has over 70 external temples throughout Brazil. 90% of its members are of the working and poverty class of Brazil, with the core consisting of the labourers who were left without work after the constructions and completion of the Brazilian capital, Brasilia.

Now, the most fascinating aspect of this religion is its belief system.

The people of the Valley of the Dawn believe that they are the descendants of an alien race from the planet Capella, that came to earth 32 000 years ago. In the ritual known as ‘The Consecration Ritual’, a space ship flies through the earth’s atmosphere twice a day. The spaceship (Amace), is full of a “factory of forces”, and is a “spiritual laboratory” for mediums of the cult to use as a cleansing and education tool for malevolent spirits. The purpose of this is to trap the evil spirits by jumping into the sacred waters of the lake, educate them, and then release the know enlightened spirits into the world.

This is just a very summed up look into the cult. It is far more complex, having its own city, laws and bureaucracies. Anyways, check it out.


This post is the first piece by new contributor, Claire. Claire is an ancient history and museum studies enthusiast who has completed a degree in Museum Studies at Macquarie University and is planning to start her post-graduate in the next year. She has a fantastic knowledge of the historical and anthropological in addition to several ancient languages and cultures. Happy to have her on board as she contributes firstly to the new facebook page alongside myself.

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